A Little bit about South Africa Pools

Gidani, the PlaySALottery Operator, works in collaboration with the National Lotteries Board to ensure that the most effective service is offered to the South African players within the responsible gaming framework at all times. This site is the official website of the National Lottery for online play as well as play via SMS.

The South African National Lottery is designed to provide entertainment, bring hope to life and make the dreams of lottery games' players come true. It is our aim to leverage this good will, while maximising the returns to the good causes that benefit South Africa as a whole.

Gidani is committed to service our players in the most efficient and effective way. You, the player, are one of Gidani's most important stakeholders and we continually strive to make lottery games' playing an enjoyable experience.

The National Lottery affords us the wonderful opportunity to develop the social upliftment of the nation. Gidani was formed in 2005 and we are very proud to the first lottery operator to offer 34% of its revenue to good causes, since the South African government's introduction of the National Lottery in 1999.

Our passions for the upliftment provided by National Lottery is worn with pride and we firmly support the principles of responsible gaming and to this end we actively:

  • Discourage compulsive behaviour, underage players through responsible play programme campaigns.
  • Boast an employee volunteer programme (EVP).
  • Involve Gidani staff in the company's social responsibility programmes.

To learn more about us please visit the Gidani Web Site.